Serapea, The Dread Archive

The Supernal Who Sought To Transform Herself to Show Up Hell


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Supernal Caste: Anagogic
Anima Banner: Giant glowing black, green, and red butterfly whose wings have the text of the Broken Wing Crane on them.
Associations: text, ink, dust, paper, transformation, civility, the unexpected, epiphany, liminality, empathy, autobiography, libraries, curiosity, portraiture, pairs, graves, births, deconstruction, mutiny, reactionary, revolutions, the Anagogic Caste, archives, researchers, academics, butterflies, cocoons, runaways, violins, apostate, razor claws, loops, calligraphy, marble, leather books, old scrolls, peridot, red heads, white lies

By Rage Recast form (Glider Wings & Scroll Hair mutations)

Minus Mutations.

Splintered Gale Shintai clone


Originally was the Fiend Cast Infernal named Eternally Vitriolic Avenger or Eva. Before Exaltation, she a scholar of Demonic lore whose thesis was rejected.

Disguised Herself as an Abyssal named Eidolon of the Void Eternal or Eida. She sought to attach herself to a pair of death knights and gain the protection of their master. With that safety, she could seculde herself from the world and attempt her transformation. As a newly self-declared Titan, she could show up her beloved master Szorney as Serapea The Dread Archive and, maybe, gain his approval.

Old Abyssal Outfit, Old Battle Mode/By Rage Recast form
Old Prolegomenal Form/Devil-Tyrant Avatar Shintai

Serapea, The Dread Archive

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