Exalted for Dummies

Exalted for Dummies
by Octopoid

An Abridged History, Part One
An Abridged History, Part Two
An Abridged History, Part Three

Your Character
The System
Solars: Dawn Caste
Solars: Zenith Caste
Solars: Twilight Caste
Solars: Night Caste
Solars: Eclipse Caste
Dragon-Blooded Exalted: Overview
Dragon-Bloods: Air Aspect
Dragon-Bloods: Earth Aspect
Dragon-Bloods: Fire Aspect
Dragon-Bloods: Water Aspect
Dragon-Bloods: Wood Aspect
Lunar Exalted: Overview
Lunars: Full Moon Caste
Lunars: Changing Moon Caste
Lunars: No Moon Caste
Lunars: Casteless & Chimera
Sidereal Exalted: Overview
Sidereals: Chosen of Journeys
Sidereals: Chosen of Serenity
Sidereals: Chosen of Battles
Sidereals: Chosen of Secrets
Sidereals: Chosen of Endings
Abyssal Exalted: Overview
Abyssals: Dusk Caste
Abyssals: Midnight Caste
Abyssals: Daybreak Caste
Abyssals: Day Caste
Abyssals: Moonshadow Caste
Infernal Exalted: Overview
Infernals: Slayer Caste
Infernals: Malefactors Caste
Infernals: Defiler Caste
Infernals: Scourge Caste
Infernals: Fiend Caste
Alchemical Exalted: Overview
Alchemicals: Charms
Alchemicals: Orichalcum Caste
Alchemicals: Moonsilver Caste
Alchemicals: Jade Caste
Alchemicals: Starmetal Caste
Alchemicals: Soulsteel Caste
Alchemicals: Adamant Caste
Creation, An Overview
Creation – The North
Creation – The Scavenger Lands
Creation – The East
Creation – The South
Creation – The West
Creation – The Blessed Isle
The Wyld
The Underworld

Alternative Powers – Martial Arts
Alternative Powers – Sorcery
Alternative Powers – Necromancy
Mass Combat: Overview
The Raksha – Fair Folk: Overview

Exalted for Dummies

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